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Twist & Mixx is a highly efficient automatic dilution system based on a patented technology by 3M. Its integrated dilution nozzle cartridge system reduces waste and overconsumption.

Speed up Cleaning Task Training
With Twist&Mixx, training can take as low as 5 minutes. This is a time saver that really matters.
Save Money
With Twist&Mixx, your stock room will never have been in such a good shape. With only one system of 2L concentrated jug to keep in stock, you will avoid stock shortage as well.
Avoid Waste
With Twist&Mixx's unique dilution system, end the glug-glug mixing. A fantastic way to control dilution and make it the best use possible cost wise.
Prevent Workplace Hazards
The Twist&Mixx bottle that contains the concentrated solutions prevents direct contact with the product. Prevention is of the utmost importance.
Simplify Cleaning Tasks
Twist&Mixx cleaning system is easier than ever because you use one dilution system for all cleaning products. And it makes more room available on your cleaning cart.
One unique Chemical Management System
With Twist&Mixx, you replace all your dilution system by one that will perform perfectly for dilution in the bottle or the bucket.

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