Twist & Mixx PolyAction
Mirror Cleaner

01 All-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser#LMTM0400LOW Lemon scented multi-purpose degreaser
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02 Description
Twist & Mixx dilution system works by gravity rather than mechanically, eliminating concentration variations due to pressure changes. It's engineering, design and versatility makes it one of the best dilution system in the world.

PolyAction is an effective cleaner degreaser designed to tackle all kinds of stubborn stains. This degreaser deep cleans while leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance.

This multi-purpose cleaner degreaser effortlessly removes accumulated grime, soot deposits, stubborn stains and grease with a microfiber cleaning cloth, a WypAll WorkHorse wiper or an high pressure cleaner. Furthermore, the controlled foam of this degreaser virtually eliminates the need to rinse.
03 Technical Specifications
04 How to install and how to use

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