Twist & Mixx Reaction
Ceramic Cleaner

01 Ceramic Cleaner#LMTM4600LOW Liquid ceramic cleaner and rust removal agent
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02 Description
The Twist & Mixx dilution system works by gravity rather than mechanically, eliminating concentration variations due to pressure changes. Its engineering, design and versatility makes it one of the best dilution system in the world.

REACTION is a ceramic cleaner ideal for ceramic tiles, acrylic and mortar joints cleaning with the help of a sponge or brush.

Safe for metallic and glazed surfaces, REACTION ceramic cleaner restores finishes which have suffered damage due to water residue such as drinking fountains. This ceramic cleaner is versatile; it cleans lime and soap deposits as well as being and excellent rust remover.

REACTION's natural acids do not participate to eutrophication of water. Also, this ceramic cleaner is readily biodegradable.
03 Technical Specifications
04 How to install and how to use

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