Twist & Mixx Deofrais

01 Fresh Scented Powerful Deodorizer Deofrais#LMTM7111LOW Fresh Scented Powerful Deodorizer Deofrais
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02 Description
The Twist & Mixx dilution system works by gravity rather than mechanically, eliminating concentration variations due to pressure changes. Its engineering, design and versatility makes it one of the best dilution system in the world.

DEOFRAIS is a concentrated liquid deodorizer with a fresh scent. Simply diluted with water in a bottle and sprayed, this deodorizer replaces aerosol deodorizers at a fraction of the cost and environmental impacts.

DEOFRAIS deodorizer effectively eliminates odors in the air, on objects and in smelly places such as washroom.
03 Technical Specifications
04 How to install and how to use

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