Twist & Mixx Eko-Strip
Cleaner Stripper

01 Ecological Floor Stripper#LMTM3100HIG Ecological Floor Stripper
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02 Description
The Twist & Mixx dilution system works by gravity rather than mechanically, eliminating concentration variations due to pressure changes. Its engineering, design and versatility makes it one of the best dilution system in the world.

EKO-STRIP is a floor stripper that removes wax and floor finish with the help of a dual speed floor machine and floor pads for stripping. This floor stripper belies those who think that a product cannot be both effective and environmentally friendly.

This floor stripper will effectively strip build-up of multiple coats, water emulsion seals and long aged and/or over spray-buffed films on all types of floor such as vinyl, terrazzo and asbestos tiles with a mop and a wringer bucket combo.

EKO-STRIP floor stripper acts without filling the room with strong solvent odors which are traditionally associated with floor stripper. This feature makes this floor stripper appreciated in health centers and educational institutions.

Following the floor stripping, vinegar can be applied on your floor to neutralize it. A roll of pH test paper is appropriate to verify the result of this operation.

Also, EKO-STRIP floor stripper is EcoLogo certified (UL 2777).
03 Technical Specifications
04 How to install and how to use

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