Twist & Mixx Quartz
Mirror Cleaner

01 Glass and Mirror Cleaner#LMTM5100LOW Our most popular glass and mirror cleaner!
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02 Description
The Twist & Mixx dilution system works by gravity rather than mechanically, eliminating concentration variations due to pressure changes. Its engineering, design and versatility makes it one of the best dilution system in the world.

QUARTZ is a glass and mirror cleaner with a fresh green apple scent. Biodegradable, this glass and mirror cleaner is specially designed for cleaning windshields, counters, glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, etc.

QUARTZ glass and mirror cleaner works on grease, oil, soot, pencil and lipstick marks, fingerprints and other kinds of dirt with the help of a microfiber cleaning cloth or a strip washer and a window squeegee. A scraper can also be used on glass and mirror when needed.

QUARTZ makes glass cleaning enjoyable!
03 Technical Specifications
04 How to install and how to use

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